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Does Costco offer the best rental discount?

I thought that I needed to rent a car so that I could make it to both jobs, but my afternoon clients had not confirmed. Why rent a car to drive to one place 5.7 miles away? As I drove Mom to school I remembered that this is the day that I am supposed to drive to the school in the other town and if those clients did not confirm, I would try to make up a session with someone else.

I had just wanted to pull one student that I missed yesterday, but the guys that were supposed to install a handle in the door they installed last week showed up.

There was no way my student would focus!

I left my charging cable at the school yesterday and the wall plug at home, so I used the ancient computer to charge, but it must have USB 1.0, my phone was still discharging!

Then some strange lady showed up and said "That's my spot." She also asked "Did you guys get a duststorm?!"

A few things: We don't get duststorms up here, we have groundcover. That was sawdust and the big door within arm's reach was a wall the last time she was there.

I completed my paperwork before leaving yesterday, could not see the one student, and could not use my phone for anything because it was about to die, so I grabbed my lunch and water jug and started walking those 5.7 miles.

I think that I got about two miles before someone offered me a ride. Thank goodness for them!

I still would have been walking when Mom came to get me. At least I would have been able to go back for my speech supplies! So, I was home early, but did not have my supplies, and I was not going to any school covered in sweat.

I quickly showered, but I would have been at least half an hour too late, and Mom still would not have been able to use her car all day. I messaged my supervisor, summed up the situation, and asked if I could see those kids tomorrow.

She asked if I was at the first school. I borrowed the car, drove back, and said yes.

"Clock out."
About making up those sessions, was that a yes or no?

The guys at Enterprise said that Costco gives a 7% discount and USAA gives a 5% break. You are also supposed to get an upgrade with Costco, but I forewent that in case I would get a marginally better discount.

I am researching replacing the valve seals, but I think there is too much information in the videos. I have watched videos by Eric the Car Guy, Brian's Mobile, and someone calling himself "PeanutButterMan," who refers to Eric's video, and pointed out some stuff that I missed.

I am going to see what I can find in the FSM, but have you heard? I don't like it!

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