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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
What are you going to do when trump gets reelected?
Even when "don'T rump" ISN'T re-elected, I've already made my moves. I made my moves, even before "don'T rump" was first elected. Altho america was always in the mud, "don'T rump" has made sure america is even DEEPER in the mud. "don'T rump" lost by 3 million votes (would have been more, but southern re-pubic-lick-uns were taking votes away from minorities). Some people said they were fooled by the lies of "don'T rump". Since the lies of "don'T rump" are now widely known, the re-election of "don'T rump" would mean the majority of people(even church people) have fallen to "don'T rump" moral low. As in life, america can NOT cleanse itself of mud, while staying in the mud.