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Even when "don'T rump" ISN'T re-elected, I've already made my moves
Now there's a forward-looking statement, if a little hard to parse.
I made my moves, even before "don'T rump" was first elected.
Care to share what those moves might be?
"don'T rump" lost by 3 million votes (would have been more, but southern re-pubic-lick-uns were taking votes away from minorities).
I looked at this claim. Three million appears to be the number of illegal votes (prolly Democrat). So Donald (J. for Justice) Trump may have won the popular vote as well as the one that counts.
Since the lies of "don'T rump" are now widely known...
Some people can't take a joke. How about promises kept?
Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are. -- anonymous poster


History is a warning for the future -- Dr. John Campbell

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