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I rented a 2019 Mirage. It was whelming

As I mentioned in my Honda FSM thread, my Accord is currently out-of-service, I had Mom drop me off at work, but she was supposed to pick me up a few hours later so I could drive to the other school.

I did not want her to be stuck home all day and she kept mentioning that today is her wedding anniversary. She kept talking about visiting Dad.

I did not need to do much at school this morning, but I was not able to do any of it. I got a ride and rented another lunchbox from Enterprise, but there was not any way for me to make it to the second school on-time. My supervisor made arrangements for me to see those kids tomorrow, but if I cannot manage to fix my Accord, I will need to borrow Mom's car; I am not renting for a second day if I can avoid it.

I was unable to see any closer client, so I finally made it out to the client forty-five miles away. I think that I wanted to check the trip meter or something, but I saw that the overall MPG was allegedly 54.6 or something.

Wait, what?

I reset it as I drove several miles, going 40 in a 50. Then there were a couple of miles with the speed limit dropping to 25 before a traffic light. When I first had a readout it said 72.8 MPG, it slowly went down, and then I coasted for a while down a gradual hill towards the traffic light.

I almost hit 80 MPG!

I remember reading that on average built-in economy gauges were 5% optimistic.

Oh. Shame. Only 76 MPG.

However, ten miles at 40 MPH or less, coasting to a red light is meaningless, and skewed real data, which I never got.

Wow. The tank is only 9.2 gallons!

When I picked up the car it only had a quarter tank. All of us know how inaccurate fuel gauges are, but I absolutely take issue with the fuel gauge in the Mirage. It is digital. Is the fuel gauge [as] accurate [as possible] down to the pixel?

I only saw 1/4 tank, 1/8th tank, and blinking 1/8th tank. I had not worried about it because if I got anywhere near what the MPG gauge estimated, I would have an easy time making it back to town, and I did, but still, why only show eighths? Is this the least accurate fuel gauge ever?

I do not know who adjusted the seat, but I am 6'2", with disproportionately-long arms, and I probably should have tilted the seat forwards a notch, but I seemed to have as much legroom as in any other car.

There is not an armrest!

I found an OEM one on eBay for $110 shipped. That sounds like money well spent.

There were a couple of times when I needed to pull into traffic; I saw an opening that was smaller than was ideal, I thought "I got this!," stomped on the accelerator, immediately gave up my foolish endeavor, and did I embarrass myself in front of everyone?

Every who? Who do you think was watching me try to pull into traffic. Anyway, no, had anyone been there, they would not have seen anything, because I did not go anywhere!

When I rented the first lunchbox I said my Civic had a 36% better power-to-weight ratio, but my HX could do 0 - 60 in 9.4 seconds--you know, when she moved at all.

The 2018 lunchbox can do it. See!

The two complaints that I remembered from my previous rental is that I did not have cruise control or a seek button on the radio, which were aggravating during a five-hour drive.

This rental has both. So, what are my complaints? That I need an Ultragauge to accurately track my fuel? It is slow? Did I actually complain about that? The thing is, from what I understand, the manual has about a twelve-second 0-60. It is still slow, but it is much better!

An armrest would cost $110.

When I got home I averaged 60.7 MPG over at least 40 miles, but at 50 MPH or less. The regular manual is rated 33/41 and the G4 is 33/40.

That is close to my HX rating.

The G4 CVT is rated 35/41 and the base CVT is 36/43, but drivers usually see better fuel economy with a manual.
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