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EOC and bad mpg...

Just a quick question for all of you talented hypermilers out there...

Has anyone else had bad mpg results from EOC in city driving?

It seems to me that when I kill the engine in neutral and coast up to a red light, wait until it turns green, start the engine and resume driving that I get dramatically worse mpg.

I've tried this on 2 different tanks of gas and tried to be consistent about which lights I pick and how far away from the light I am when I start the EOC. My last tank of gas was one of these that I tried EOC on and I only got 243 miles on 15 gallons of gas and this was based off the Trip Odo rather than my ScanGuage II. Also, this last tank had bad MPG to begin with as I posted in the Insturmentation forum earlier. My normal mileage on a tank is between 340 - 380 miles on 15 gallons.

I realize that my '97 Cavalier, 2.2L 4 Cyl, 4-Spd Auto isn't the best candidate for EOC especially since it has about 206,500 miles on it but I thought it was worth a try. It just seems like EOC is not a good choice for me.

Any and all advice is welcome and my thanks are freely given,



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