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I've been using a TCC lock switch on my Chevy 1500 2wd for close to 15 years now. (4L60E). Initially I discovered that the PWM valve (electronic pressure modulation valve) would reduce the pressure to the clutch and slip it, so I also had to disable that. I tow large loads all the time....... far larger than the pickup is rated for. I lock up once I get moving, and I shift manually, as I also have a switch wired in that prevents the 3:2 downshift and the 4:3 downshift, though I NEVER use 4th when pulling. As I know when my transmission will downshift, I can let off the throttle momentarily during the shift... again, I'm manually shifting while towing, and often in normal driving. This relaxing of the throttle before a shift is far different than the violent shift one gets when a vehicle downshifts under full throttle.
I have had zero problems with my tranny, which has right at 200K on it (1997 year). I do a flush every few years, by just changing the filter, and refulling, then pumping fluid out a cooler line through a clear plastic tube until I see bubbles, shut off, refill, etc... until I runs clear new fluid....... About 4 gallons total.

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