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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
All of these laws presuppose that we don't own our labor, actions, or possessions.
Labor has no leverage. Owners of production hold all of the power. Rentiers win. Renters lose. The free market is warped toward out of control wealth accumulation at the top. There is no such thing as a functional Laisez Faire free market. There are already levers and controls all over the market. And more new levers must be installed to instill an adequate dispersal of social surplus in the new global economic system. Which is not happening now.
We must also begin to transition to a steady state economy that uses resources no faster than they can be replaced. Which must be administrated on a world level so that no one region that attempts to comply gets left at a competitive disadvantage in the market. Herman Daly built on Georgescu- Roegen's work from 1970 and also added the requirement of a steady state population whereby 2 children per family would receive subsidies and no more. if you had more than two you would have to pay for all healthcare, education, ect yourself.
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