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Actually I just parted out a LD28 engine. Still have some parts laying around. The LD28 crankshafts bring in too much $$$ to justify actually using one...LOL
The problem is that they are front sump and need to be at least mid sump.
One option is drilling out the other boss into the oil gallery and bocking off the old pickup and using a Z oil pickup/pan.
They do get 40MPG and even more with a turbo...Hmm.
There is a youtube of a diesel 240Z or 280Z blazing by at like 80mph.

I have considered getting another Z and going bio but I dunno. Maybe if I find a cheap 280ZX (much better aero than the gen 1 Z cars).

Aero mods are also in the plan... went to the wind tunnel once and are going to go again this year sometime. They got down to .396 with a fairly stock body. I think with some more mods a Z that is still streetable could get down to .35 with some custom front end treatments.
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