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There! I fixed it!

But wait! There's more!

I kept seeing that if you replaced the top seals and still had a problem that you needed to remove the rocker arm assembly, and remove the bottom seals. That did not sound especially terrible, but every set of directions that I found warned about a different way that it could go terribly wrong.

However, Eric the Car Guy said to check for oil one month after replacing the top seals. Why would I have a problem four times as fast, but only have dirty plugs? I soaked them in isopropyl alcohol, and they looked good, but when I went for a test drive, I had misfires and CELs for three cylinders within two miles.

I stopped back at AutoZone and asked if they had the proper spark plugs in stock this time. When I went last week I showed the guy the part number that Honda put in my owner's manual and I saw the computer show that OE was copper, but he kept trying to sell me platinum. I told him that Honda specified copper and I wanted copper. Since at the time Torque only showed two misfires I only bought two plugs, but supposedly the closest they had was Autolite, and I was not eager to see if those were good enough.

The monkey sold me copper plugs, but charged me for platinums.

How did I not notice the price difference?

I walked out with four NGK copper plugs and 42. I plugged in my shop fan, hoping to have my car ready and the rental returned in time to make up a session from yesterday, and drove ten or fifteen miles.

Zero misfires. However, as I pulled onto the main road, someone driving a new Civic nearly T-boned me. They had a red light, so I wonder what the police officer two vehicles behind them would have said, but fortunately they stopped, and I did not face a completely new set of problems.

Unfortunately, the client was unavailable to make up the session, so I will not have three consecutive clients in the same town. I also do not know when I can make up the session now that I work in a school three days a week.

Also, my Civic battery is charged, and my fuel filter washers are supposed to arrive today, so I will be able to see how that car is doing soon.
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