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Originally Posted by XaqFixx View Post
Where in France are you? I'm in the US but lived about 20 from the french border in Belgium (near Mons) in primary school.

What a long way from home !
I'm now living in south of France, but I'm from north of France, I know Belgium well

Originally Posted by Shaneajanderson View Post
If you're getting 41 mpg out of a stock corolla, you are doing quite well at driving already.

As said above power steering delete is a good one, these little cars don't need power steering, and you will get an appreciable increase in fuel economy.

Kill switch is a good plan, but make sure you're legal to use it, in America we can largely get away with what we want but I understand that in Europe they are hardcore about traffic laws. If I'm wrong, or it's legal, using the kill switch to coast engine off to stops will save you big time in city driving.

You're right, it is illegal here, and if one day i'm involved in an accident, chances are that any modification to the car's electronic could legaly allow the insurance to refuse any indemnisation, so as it doesn't change a lot, I use the key and switch back immediately in "On" position so I can bump start whenever wanted. Also, I only do it approaching a red light, or on straight or known roads. Security first !

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Not too much problem doing so, as the ZZ engines had E96h-compatible flexfuel versions in Brazil

I read that too, and it's what convinced me to try E85. I tried E56 mix for 500Km, fuel economy was more than 6,8L/100 / 34MPG, which I found to be normal (LTFT was +20%)
However, I'm realy not convinced as the car was terrible accelerating.
Of course, range has decreased by 20% as well, but total fuel cost has decreased by 15%.
Furthermore, in order to run 100% E85, I would probably have to switch to 1zz injectors to compensate for the +40% LTFT, and as recommended by many, to change the fuel filter as well.
And finally, I have no reliable way to watch the AFR, as I have a stock Lanbda probe.
So for now, this is not an option, I'll be sticking with E10 and my 1000Km of range and improving my FAS skills. It's amazingly satisfying and relaxing knowing that you are burning no fuel approaching and staying at a red light

I read about automatic lean burn mode in Honda's, do any of you know if a similar mode is used in my corolla ?

And a quick question :
when going up light slopes (knowing that I will not gain much speed on the other side), I'm always hesitating beetween :

1 keeping momentum and applying slightly more throttle, so at the top of the hill I'm already cruising, and only light throttle is applied,
2 using my momentum and applying slightly less throttle, losing speed but staying in an hypothetical "lean burn mode" (that may not exist in my car ), but needing to keep this throttle input after the top of the hill to reach cruising speed.

In your experience, or by science, which one is better ?
(according to BSFC maps, and "accelerating quicker is better", I currently use solution N1)

And by the way, thanks to all for your advices and answers
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