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Originally Posted by justinooo9 View Post
That funny you mentioned it. I did re do my brakes in 2016 when I bought the truck. needed rotors and pads very badly and I cleaned/greased the caliper slide pins. I do check brakes every 5k when I change the oil/rotate the tires. I haven't seen above 19mpg in a while though. I got 19.5 with stock tires and no front leveling kit. but the tonneau cover helped more than I ever thought.

Does anyone have any data on those roof mounted wind deflectors? see them on big rigs but rarely on trucks pulling 5th wheels. I could fabricate one pretty easily and anyone can ask my wife I don't give a rats butt about what others think my truck looks like lol. shes nearly pristine for 20 yrs old.

I was thinking the wind deflector on my roof because the side my side may sit 1.5 higher on even my new trailer etc.

I didn't know how valid the picture attachment really was etc.
The original source included the drag coefficients for each configuration.I have it at PhotoBucket,but can no longer access any of it.
As to the deflectors,they need to be tuned,and do not lend themselves to just shooting from the hip.
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