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everything at a loss

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The government operates everything at a loss, as they have no means of income. Their income is 12 out of every 40 hours of your labor.

People don't have the right to live in the most expensive parts of the most expensive cities; they have the right to live where they can afford. Rent control causes housing prices to increase since builders won't build more housing if they can't collect the rent necessary to justify the investment. New housing halts and prices skyrocket.

The government has absolutely no business dictating who I will do business with (I'll make a cake or not for whomever I choose), dictating what wage I negotiate with others (minimum wage), or what I can charge for something I own (rent control). All of these laws presuppose that we don't own our labor, actions, or possessions. If that's the case, then I'm not responsible for anything I do at all, because I either have responsibility for things I own (actions, possessions, labor, relationships, body...), or government owns those things and it's on them. I'm sure if someone refused to abide by any of these unconstitutional laws, the higher courts would rule in their favor; and if not, the courts should be overturned and replaced with reasonable people seeking justice.

Boils my blood that we allow non-sequitur laws that are diametrically opposed to each other to exist.
The fact is that the government can operate publicly-owned enterprise at one-third the cost of free-market capitalists.I can't follow your arithmetic.
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