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I kept hoping that I would get the Sentra when I rented a car, but I was surprisingly pleased with my lunchbox. I would not go as far as saying that I like it, but I do not need to like things.

I need for them to work and it did everything that I needed, while claiming to get 55 MPG at or slightly below the speed limit, although I am sure that I would get less than 50 on an actual road trip staying near the speed limit.

I do not know how relevant Niky's data for a 2013 5-speed was to this 2019 CVT, but I extrapolated that it should get 46 MPG at 65 MPH and 39 MPG at 75.

I always enjoy driving Nissans, but the only rentals that I have not liked were tiny cars like the 2017 lunchbox, a Hyundai Accent, and a Kia Rio.

I had a 1997 Altima and it was great. Would you believe that I blew the head gasket on that Japanese car?! Me?! No!

I paid a shop for that one and had it back in a few days.
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