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On Brazil a huge comunication and email company, called UOL, have clear and sometimes fanatic leftwing view and politic. You know I'm not leftwing neither right wing. I just try to be rational and judge with clear mind, instead of follow any corrupt mass control brainwashing flag.

But the UOL it's a mess. They are in favor of wellfare and rights for immigrants who beats their wife often, or even rape european women (despite leftwing be supposed feminist), and have despise for fetus with months (more then 3 often). Everytime I talked about surgery to avoid unwanted childs suffering and campagness to help poor people decide have less kids, they censure me.
In their minds women can abort as many times they want in any fetus development stage they want, and poor people can have 1kids if they wish and goverment are forced to provid everything to them.
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