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Did I use the wrong sealant?

I took off the valve cover, wiped up the oil, removed the Permatex the best that I could, put the gasket back, and went to use my sealant, but it is Optimum Black, and I keep reading that you should use Permatex Ultra Gray, which is designed to adhere to aluminum. However, despite capping the big tube tightly, it seemed partially dried out. I needed to stand on it with one foot, putting all 240+ pounds of me on the tube, in order to squeeze out more, and it seemed too hard, so I will buy the right stuff on Monday and see how it works.

Eric the Car Guy mentioned gasket adhesive, which sounded like it would be a great help, but that is the copper spray that everyone tells you to avoid. However, when I looked up gasket adhesive I then read that Hylomar, designed by Rolls Royce, although subsequently bought out by Permatex, and changed, was everything that copper spray is supposed to be, and I only read good things about it.

The Permatex Red seemed to work perfectly on the intake stud, although the nut extends slightly further than the others.

I had a new Fel-Pro gasket, Permatex in the corners, and the bolts were properly torqued. I wouldn't expect the Black to fail in my driveway.

Why did it leak unless it wasn't seated correctly?
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