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Oh no! That's due today!

I was so obsessed with getting to and from work that I did not make time for my anatomy homework. I had planned on starting it yesterday, but each time I went to see what I needed to do I thought of another reason my Accord might be misfiring.

She seems to drive fine now, but she seemed fine Tuesday morning, and was undriveable Tuesday evening.

My professors at Arizona State were pretty generic and that was fine, but with each class at MUMU I never know what to expect. Previous professors wanted us to socialize, which did not leave me enough time for actual classwork. I had a one-credit lab that involved more of my time than my three-credit classes, and I could not figure out what the professor wanted for a good grade. My spring instructor was fine, it was just weird that everything was due once a month. My summer instructor apparently thought that traditional coursework was "busy work" and got rid of it. Unfortunately, I did not feel that I learned anything. We had zero lectures.

Now I am taking an anatomy class and we needed to read almost a hundred pages the first week before having a five-question quiz for which we had ten minutes, which was supposed to prevent us from using our resources. Unfortunately, I read the 90+ pages and the quiz did not seem to have anything to do with the textbook.

I came home from Church and pulled up the syllabus. There is an assignment due. I logged into Blackboard to see what it is.

A freaking art project!

I looked through all of the course material as soon as it was posted and I knew that this was coming, I just did not realize that it would be this soon. If I found the right diagram, I could see how much an undershirt stretches, cut a piece of plywood to fit, blow up the diagram, glue it onto the plywood, stretch the shirt over the board, trace, and color.

Actually, I need two diagrams, for the front and the back.

I still need to read, watch the lectures, and take a quiz, although it is only worth five points, which should only take a few minutes.

School is fun...

Edit! It says that it cannot be traced! How would she know?!

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