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I dropped the class

I was still collecting information when the deadline passed. I did not start immediately after Church and I could have been more focused, but I still needed to figure out the layers of the human thorax and illustrate them on a t-shirt. The forty-one items that I counted included "Accessory muscles of inspiration," "Accessory muscles of expiration," and "Muscles of postural control." The first group contained five muscles, the second group had seven, and I never found the third. The only time that phrase was used in my textbook was the one list and I did not find anything useful on-line. I guess that I needed to start seventy-two hours earlier--when I was driving a rental--to ensure that I would have heard back from my instructor. Not counting duplicates, there was over a page of items to illustrate and I ended up with fourteen different diagrams that I somehow needed to magically combine.

The quiz and assignment were worth 3.75% of my grade. I still could have earned an A, but I earned zero As at ASU, at least for speech classes, and I barely earned As the last two terms through MUMU. I just do not see it happening with a 3.75% handicap and the entire point of retaking these classes is to earn As.

Bs do not help me. I already have plenty of those.

I had wanted to wait until I was paid to pay for tuition, but then I wanted to complete everything before I paid.

Hopefully the bill for $377.63 goes away.

SLPs that work in hospitals often do swallowing therapy. They may do that in home health, too, but that is Master's level stuff. Something about the possibility of the client choking and dying I guess. My trainer had swallowing clients and I could not work with them. The idea is that different people have different difficulties swallowing. Some need thicker liquids, some need softer solids, etc. We were supposed to come up with five foods and drinks that people with swallowing difficulties could safely consume--with cultural considerations.
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