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Medical costs need only one fix: enforcement of anti-monopoly law. Providers MUST post prices. No procedure without fixed estimate. Same with prescription medicine. Eliminate prescriptions in most cases, first, and no fixed provider, second. That drops prices by 80%. Instantly. Insurance is needed ONLY for catastrophic illness.

School bus fleet. That’s a laugh. Like the rest of the electric car debacle. Pay the manufacturer an inflated sum that might have gone to fossil fuel company. Pay the same or more is result. But doesn’t address the giant infrastructure costs.

Saying people are the same but for opportunity is ridiculous. A 6-year old knows better. And few things — if any — are as well bolstered by evidence.

The belief that “racism” is a sin, or that opportunity is limited, is fictional crap to destroy a society. There’s no institution bettered by, say, a preponderance of women. The opposite effect entails.

The destruction is to family life. That women should desire a career is preposterous. Cannot be supported by improved family member outcome. My family has been sending women to Ivy League and similar since the 1880s. Honors graduates and several with advanced STEM degrees. They’d laugh at you whether they married or not.

Climate change happens whether or not we exist. Banning plastic straws and eating artificial meat won’t change a damned thing.

Too many people? Yup. There’s a cull planned and you won’t be consulted. As with all else that affects you. Somehow or another there are those who feel not the least responsibility to you or anyone else how many children they have. And in any advanced society are never not a burden, they fail to ever pay their own way as a group. Which are easily identified.

In this country, only one group DOES pay a surplus.

Why not ask those men why they feel it incumbent to support women not their wives, and children not their own?

As with all else they (you) won’t be asked. That’s the prerogative of the top .01% percent who now own the place. Whether or not they are Americans is long past the point of mattering. No law applies to them. That was the point of “equality before the law”. That family or wealth changed no aspect of playing to the rules.

You won’t see the Chinese blinding themselves with the idea that incompetent people be placed in positions for which they are poison. A society that DOESN'T push forward its best is headed to the trash heap. (Welcome to 21st Century America).

You (we) have been played for suckers. And now we are paying the price. Climate change is just more propaganda to have you agree to greater surveillance and control. The countdown to the final rake-off of money (profit) is underway.

Thats all that matters.

The hockey stick graph? He won’t open his method to investigation? That’s not science. He folded. Game over.


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