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So to clarify I did not mean to flat out say im better than most at driving but I drive more cautiously than the majority around me. I have an older brake controller than I have learned my way around for the various goosenecks, 5th wheels, and bumper pull trailers so I feel good enough about its abilities. Sure I could spend an extra $150 for a new controller and wire harness but nah.

As far as tongue weight, tire pressure, balance, all the good and bad about weight distribution of a pickup I have a decent understanding. But A 7.3l v8 will not reach the fuel economy of a straight 6 5.9 cummins without major changes. I barley got 19.5 with a tonneau cover on stock suspension about a 3in rake in the rear with 265/75r16 highway tires.

Now I run a level kit up front with 285/75r16 BFG AT2 tires. I raised my front end up just over 3inches to make the truck level, and added taller/wider/heavier tires. I can get close to 18 empty with the tonneau cover and easy highway driving now and that's really, really working my eco driving skills and only in summer. even with diesel kleen and winter fuel blend I am usually 2mpg less average. plus the snow/road conditions and sometimes needing 4x4 or little aired down tires etc.

Regarding towing. The side by side weighs 1720lbs empty with just gear/and fuel and the trailer weighs a hair under that. My truck on the cat scale with no passengers, just truck close to full tank as I can get and the gear is just under 8klbs. I'll never put the trailer on a scale to get the tongue weight totally perfect... its just not worth all the time. I have been eyeing the position on trailers for years without any negative effects. if I start driving and feel my brake test arnt good enough it takes 5 minutes to unstrap and move the unit a tad bit closer to the front etc. You can plan and plan and plan where to strategically place all the camping gear and food in a 5th wheel and still not be at the most effective pin weight. Im very conservative when towing. I try to almost never exceed the manufacture recommendations for weight limits, I have the over load top spring, front/rear sway bars, 3750 max rated tires very rarely ever needed above 70 of the max 80 psi, a very well maintained front suspension/rear suspension, brakes, steering, ball joints, drag link, track bar, bearings, blah blah. I get it im not an over the road trucker with 10 million miles towing rvs but generally speaking a little side by side and maybe 1500ish lb trailer behind 8k is going to be fine. I check tire pressure, grease bearings, adjust brakes, keep good distance (seems relative to each person these days) and I just plain take care of my equipment. I can only drive as good as I can and hope I can react quick enough to react to my mistake or someone else's.

to get back on the point. Im out of state working for the week but soon as I get pictures. looking for feed back on the trailer set up if any mods would be affordable/worth it on the trailer unit.
1999 f250 4x4 7.3l automatic
19.5 mpg freeway- Newbie looking to improve!
-Tonneau cover, Intake, Straight pipe, improved turbo compressor wheel.
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