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Three CELs, this must be Tuesday!

I made it to both jobs, seeing three home clients--except the first two were no-shows. I drove home without a problem, just those occasional misfires, but my brother asked to go the pharmacy, and I got misfires on three cylinders. I came home, parked in the garage, and positioned the shop fan, but what am I going to do, pull the spark plugs, and see that they are just a little dirty?

Mom will let me borrow her car tomorrow, I just feel bad leaving her stranded for ten hours, although I rented a car last week.

According to, the first thing to check are spark plug and grounding wires. The chart on 22-18 of the FSM lists grounding wires and the diagram on 22-19 shows their locations. I will will disconnect each grounding wire, rough it up quickly with my Walmart dremel, and reattach.

Since I have three misfires on NGK wires a little over a year old, I doubt that is a problem, but I guess that I should find my multimeter and bang them together or whatever you are supposed to do.

I wonder if my Civic wires would fit on my Accord.

"If you have determined that your ignition system is operating correctly"--no, wait! What about the distributor?! How do I check it?! Do I lick it?!
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