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wiper blades

Originally Posted by GK13 View Post
I expected it to have the active shutters, but it oddly doesnít. The grill is blocked on the right and left sides a bit as in itís not hollowed out and just has the grill look to it. Was thinking of at the least doing a smooth block there just for aerodynamic effect if it would have one at all. Also with the fog light cavities, I was thinking of getting some thin plexiglass and forming it to fit and siliconing it in to smooth it out too.

Any suggestions on how to add some sort of shield over the wiper blades? Thought that might help smooth it out too.

From my understanding, it is pretty smooth on the bottom with the factory belly pan. Any advise how I could help reduce drag for it being so high off the ground? Do some sort of block in front of the tires like the eco Corollaís have? What about a short-ish airdam? Would that have the same effect as lowering it sort of?

Would taller tires help? Or smaller, low profile ones? I know I want to get the low rolling resistance ones when the factory set give out.

Thank you for the recommendations and advise. Really trying to understand and use the information.
I tested for this and found no improvement.Even adding a more streamlined windshield along with it only lowered drag 0.005.
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