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free-market liberalism v publicly funded

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
If you're referring to Medicare, it's way more complex than 1/3 the cost. That is operated at a loss and made up on everyone else with money. Many places stop taking Medicare and Medicaid because it doesn't make financial sense.

I'm not entirely opposed to a single payer medical system, because clearly ours isn't good. It isn't really a free market solution either, as the government incentives employers to offer health insurance, which should be illegal. It's insane to have insurance dependent on a particular employment. It should have always been individual, because it covers individuals. We don't have employer provided car insurance.

Without going too far into health insurance... there's nothing the government can do cheaper than the private sector. It's like Venezuela outlawing starvation. Nobody dies of starvation if you make it illegal to list that as a cause of death. Similarly, nobody can provide cheaper healthcare if you outlaw higher prices for 1 arbitrary group of people while allowing any price for everyone else. Sounds like an institutional ageist law to me. The very definition of institutional ageism. Why are we privatizing space transport if it's more expensive than government programs?

I know my grand kids will wonder what we were thinking back when we had institutional racism, sexism, and ageism written into our laws and informal practices and think of us as backwards Neanderthals. I'll go on record as being ahead of the progressive curve. People are sovereign individuals who own their bodies, labor, and associations. It's their great responsibility to utilize those things to the best of their ability, because individuals are most capable of directing those aspects of their life.
I finished the 288-page book Saturday morning.I'm at 34-pages of transcribed notes, 91 pages into the book.I hope to have something evidential to share by this coming Saturday.
In the meantime,I'd have you consider what the federal government can sell a guaranteed bond for,compared to a share of stock on Wall Street.Then I'd have you consider the difference in operating cost of two identical enterprises,one with zero advertising and zero dividends to shareholders,compared to one created through an IPO,and an imperative to channel 'profits' to someone who'll never contribute an iota of personal capital to the operation,plus run advertising on every TV station,radio station,and print medium,plus equally maintain the enterprise,minus the expenses not shared with the publicly-owned clone.
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