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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Maybe it got into some limp-home mode, which a remap to enable the adjusts for flexfuel operation could prevent.

There were flexfuel versions of the 1.6L too, so maybe you'be be better off with its injectors. Just need to check if the part number is the same for the regular versions, which would avoid the expense of a newer set of injectors.

The stock Lambda probe is enough.

Because of a defective O2 sensor, I had a CEL and the car ran in Limp mode when I bought it. The fuel economy was around 10L/100Km on E10, vs around 7L/100Km now with E56, so I believe it's just that the car was running lean on ethanol. The injectors are probably limiting flow (1.6 injectors are around 205cm3/min, vs 255cm3/min for 1.8 injectors).
A new set of injectors is 400€, a refurbished one 100€, and a chinese one 30€. I will not take the risk with chinese ones, maybe with refurbished one, but for now, I don't use the car enough to negate the cost of replacing the injectors.

I'm surprised that you say the stock probe is enough, as they can only read between lambda 0.90 to 1.10 (13 to 16 AFR) , however if the injectors don't flow enough, the ethanol mixture could be leaner than this, over lambda 1.40, which is beyond what a narrowband probe can interpret, am I right ?
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