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Is there any way to improve this with stealth aero mods?
aerohead's trolling you. I completely support that, it's not personal. Just that the answer has dependencies. Like local regulation. And what is exactly stealth.

Who defines stealth? As they say you can not see what you do not know.

Stance and plasma actuators* might do a lot. VW engineered to a general use case. Your example might be re-optimized for a more specific case.

Countershaded camouflage*?
All you need to do is build that ...
Thanks, so nothing I can do.
Nothing worth doing is easy. Boxed cavity*?
What you think about using using CFD analysis to try some tiny bits and see how effective they are?
This is of interest to me, but I'm just following developments. Those are VDB* and Blender 2.8*.

*Details on request.
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