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How Cash for Clunkers failed

I just watched this forty-six-minute video by Regular Cars about Cash for Clunkers:

I am not sure what I missed, but some points that I did catch were:
1. It was supposed to stimulate the economy, but since people needed to purchase economical cars, they were also generally cheaper.
2. Specifically, it was supposed to stimulate the U.S. economy, but the top two purchased cars were the Civic and Corolla. Japanese cars were eight of the top ten, with only two being domestic. Of course, I am sure that some Toyotas create more American jobs than certain Chryslers, for example.
3. Virtually every part of a car, even the fluids, can be recycled, but most of these were not.
4. This only benefited people who could purchase new cars. If you relied on used cars, they were more expensive, and so were used parts.
5. Someone commented that hundreds of dealerships called back buyers saying "Your car was ineligible after all. Pay the money you were credited or return the car."

Anything else? I will update!
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