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I would very much like to lower the wheel arch gap if I can. Been thinking of getting some ABS plastic that matches the fender flares and trying to fabricate some that would look seamless. Not too sure how to work with ABS plastic though. Thinking I can score it, bend it to match the curve, drill holes to match the existing wheel well fasteners, and go from there. Wanting to make it not stand out too much if at all.

As far as the tires go, I found out that they just have pretty standard all season tires on it. In AZ where it doesn't snow and barely rains, I'm thinking a low rolling resistance highway type tread would be the way to go. I was thinking of going with a taller, narrower tire if I could fit it on the same rim.

I saw the idea on here of sealing the panel gaps. Does that really help much? I decided to take some rubber door edge guard and put that around the gap of the hood to the front fenders/grill. Don't know if I'll see much difference though. Was thinking I could get the same stuff and wedge it in all the gaps. Use a clear or something. I'm just not sure if it would be worth doing though. Being a new car, they're pretty tight already.

With the underbody already being smoothed out with the factory belly pans, would an air dam be any benefit?

I'm also wondering how I could safely add additional battery storage to the hybrid system and add a grid charger as well. Ideally, be able to have the grid charger only charge the "extra" set of batteries so I can mitigate the risk of damaging the battery pack that came in the car. I just have no knowledge of electrical systems unfortunately.
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