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Not-so-hyper-miling (2020 Toyota Corolla 2.0L 6-speed manual)

Hi everyone. I've long been a casual employer of hypermiling techniques. Mainly via properly-inflated tires, conservation of momentum, choosing the optimal gear, and DWL. I've never really done any physical modifications, and I don't plan on it with our current vehicles; but I'm here to learn and make some mental modifications so I can improve my technique and maybe squeeze out a few additional MPG.

We're driving a 2012 Honda Odyssey (automatic) and a new 2020 Toyota Corolla 2.0L (6-speed manual).

The Odyssey is used as a people/stuff hauler (carpool, dump runs, etc.), and I'm not the one putting most of the miles on it. So it has a pretty unimpressive lifetime MPG of 25. When I drive it I tend to get in the low 30's around town (EPA 19/28), but I don't drive it much.

With the Corolla, I will probably be putting on about half the mileage. We just got it a couple weeks ago and it has < 300 miles on it. Our average since taking delivery is 37.2 MPG (EPA 29/36). But even my wife, who is not nearly as interested in hypermiling as I am, managed to get 40+ MPG on her last trip the other day. So I'm hopeful we can routinely average in the low 40's combined.

My biggest fuel-efficiency win is not having to drive much in the first place (no commute to speak of), and putting on as many bike-miles as I can, especially for nearby errands where the car MPG would be low. My dream is to put together an all-weather e-bike with a trailer that I can take grocery shopping (~6 miles to the store).

I look forward to learning by reading the archives and discussing with forum members!

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