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The "Advanced" kill switch will work for any 88-95 Civic/CRX/DelSol.
Difficulty level ***

Advantages: speedometer/odometer function, works on more cars.

Disadvantages: takes longer to kill the engine (startup is still very quick though).
This version is only slightly more difficult than the "basic" switch.
It does not have the instantaneous "kill" of the basic switch, but the speedometer/odometer is unaffected.

Parts List:
-Interruptor Switch
-Two lengths (about 2') of 16-14awg wire
-Female spade connectors (4)
-Male spade connectors (2)
-Heat shrink tubing (preferred) or electrical tape.

Mounting the switch remains the same. The only difference is in the wiring under the dash.
This time we will begin by prying up the drivers side scuff plate.

Now look just under the carpet, there should be a long skinny black plastic conduit box. If you pry open the conduit you should see a plethora of multi-colored wires.

If you have a 92-95 Civic you'll be looking for the only yellow wire with a green stripe on it, it should also have small silver dots. This wire will henceforth be known as the fuel pump wire For all of you 88-91 Civic folks, you're looking for the yellow wire with a black stripe (may also have dots) This too will henceforth be known as the fuel pump wire Separate the fuel pump wire from the rest and cut it about 1/3 of the way from the front (firewall) side of the conduit.

Now you'll need to put a female spade connector on one end of the fuel pump wire (seen above) and a male spade connector on the other end of the fuel pump wire (seen below)

In preparing the wires that run to the switch, attach a female spade connector to one end of both wires, attach these connectors to your switch. On the other end of the wires, attach a male spade connector to one, and a female spade connector to the other.

Attach the switch wire with the male connector to the female connector of the fuel pump wire, and the female connector of the switch wire to the male end of the fuel pump wire. I highly suggest that you cover all of the exposed metal of the connectors with electrical tape or preferably heat shrink tubing. This will prevent the connector from accidentally shorting out your fuel pump.
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