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Yesterday I did some real P&G for the first time in years. The strong headwind I had to fight was now a strong tailwind on the way home so I wanted to balance the equation a bit. On a glide a pickup passed me, just as I wanted. I couldn't really tell if he was speeding or not because... glide. Minutes later he got pulled over, I presume for speeding. So I'm IMAGINING at that point he was pissed off at my eco-driving!

The part I don't know is, was he speeding outside of the passing maneuver? If he wasn't I feel bad for him, as it is the law in MN that one can speed in order to safely complete a passing maneuver. If he was speeding anyway, then tough noogie. Besides, at that point his passing maneuver could have been completed safely without accelerating as there was no oncoming traffic.

P.S. I pulled over to the shoulder on glides when there was oncoming traffic and traffic approaching from behind.

P.P.S. 25 years ago, same road, I was the one in a pickup doing about 80... I passed a car like he was standing still and he took that as a challenge, upping the ante and passing me up. I spotted an oncoming vehicle way off in the distance and backed off... turned out it was the lawr and the guy in the car got pulled over for speeding. Guess I managed to piss people off eco-driving or un-eco-driving.

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