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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
I was stopped at a red light in rush hour traffic a while back and the young girl sitting to my right was texting the entire time. I moved up a couple of feet to see if she'd even notice anything going on around her, and she must have had good peripheral vision, cause she shot off into the intersection and then had to slam on the brakes before getting t-boned by the cross traffic when she realized the light was still red. She spent the rest of the time at the light scowling at me while I laughed.

I felt bad later when I realized my experiment could have gotten her or somebody else killed, so I haven't done it again even though almost every red light ends up with that same opportunity. And do I really think she learned anything from the close call? Negatory, I assume she was doing it again at the next light!
that's too legit ! woah, so yea too bad the prank / test is potentially so risky and unsafe ... it would be interesting to do that more often .
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