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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
To meet the 2025 standard a full size truck only needs to get 23 mpg combined on the EPA window sticker.
  • The RAM 1500 gets 23 mpg today.
  • Ford is at 22 mpg
  • GM is at 21 mpg
  • Nissan is at 17 mpg
  • Toyota brings up the rear with 16 mpg

So the technology is there today to meet the 2025 standard. The automakers just have to market it instead of continuing the endless cycle of who can haul and tow the most.
Marketing it might be somewhat hard, not just because it might not seem so appealing to the folks who only want to brag about the payload, tow ratings or speed, but also because some of the new tech might be less tolerant to some redneck-engineering approaches to service them under the shade of a tree
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