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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
Marketing tends to take about a generation, but can you imagine the sceptics when someone proposed selling people stuff that costs ten times what it should to do its job? There was serious money put into that, and it is paying off.
10 years ago I wouldn't believe if someone told me I'd see so many high-end cars featuring hybrid versions, and sometimes I would see more of the hybrid ones than non-hybrids... What somewhat surprises me OTOH is that Volkswagen didn't achieve its goal to rely only on forced induction for its entire range worldwide in a 15-year timeframe as announced in 2003, even though its first serious approach to downsizing here in Brazil was plagued by some degree of maintenance neglect which used to be commonplace among a conservative majority of its public here.

However, I remember when the first gas crunch hit, and people were trading in big RVs for little ones at a loss. Fashion can change pretty quick.
Interesting. Well, even though it's not exactly the same matter, maybe if the restrictions against the fitment of Diesel engines in vehicles with a payload under one metric ton, fewer than 10 seats and either 2WD or 4WD without some sort of low-range in Brazil were phased out, I'm sure some folks who embraced the SUV bandwagon would be more likely to downsize to something like a Fiat Argo Trekking if it had a Diesel version available.

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