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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
That's fine. I added your car info to the thread title for context. Consider starting a fuel log as well ... once you get a known good fill.
Thanks! I already added my car to the garage, and I'll start the fuel log once I have good data.

And I just thought of a question: are you driving the sedan or the hatchback?
Sedan. I preferred the hatchback, but the back-seat space wasn't going to work out well for us.

My experience with 2 newer cars (Nissan Micra and Mitsubishi Mirage, both automatics and manuals) is that they were fairly close (2-5% off), but still optimistic of course.
Hopefully it's close! With the imperfect data I have now, the computer is 2-3% optimistic. If that holds true with better data then I'll be pretty happy. The computer on my Odyssey seems to be around 5% optimistic, but on one long trip it was off by something like 12%! I just called that a mulligan and assumed the fuel pump must have shut off a little early on the previous fill.
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