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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
Traffic cameras can already record your plate number and visible cargo, and, assuming your vehicle is stock, read the weight on each axle at a speed bump. Such a record would give probable cause to stop. The thing is - people who waste resources ar taking from all others. Our grandfathers could grab with both hands without upsetting the balance of nature, but now, there are just too many hands.
So what about the guy that needs a vehicle to haul large and/or heavy things on the regular, but can't afford a second vehicle to drive empty? Does such an individual just get shoved aside in your system, and sorry too bad? I've been there; I had a fixer-upper house I had just bought and needed a pickup to haul things (at one time I had ~5000 lbs of topsoil in a half ton pickup bed.), but I couldn't afford to have a small car too. I only drove about a mile to work every day, and never left town with that pickup unless it was to go get a load of building supplies from Menards. The way I understand your previous statements in this thread you think that I should have been banned from driving that pickup empty to get to work.
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