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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The similarity I see between Greta and Soph (besides the Autism/Intelligence) is that both present an us vs them message, one which will ultimately be ineffective because people already identifying as "us" are in agreement, while those in the "them" camp will be turned off by the condemning tone of speech. It doesn't move the average in any direction, but extends the extremes.

The whole appeal of Scott Adams and the like is they spend the time to explain their line of reasoning starting at the beginning. It respects the audience by assuming nothing about whether they agree/disagree, but instead give them the opportunity to follow along and decide for themselves if the journey is convincing.

This approach to discussion requires maturity, which requires practice and time.
Certainly you understand that humans are moved by emotion not intellect.It's firemen and kittens.Car chases and explosions.Guys with bad hair wrecking their countries.You can't go with 'dog bites man',it's got to be 'man bites dog!'
And anything beyond sound bites,and people's attention span is lost,and their eyes glaze over.
The people who wear the big pants have had since 1957 to do something.How may generations have to go by before the grownups take action?
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists are the only 'scientists' outside the scientific consensus on climate change.They're outnumbered 97-to-3.It's just like Gore said: 'It's hard to get a man to understand something,when the condition of their employment is that they not understand it.'
How much time do we need? We've had a free ride for 62-years!
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