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amongst themselves

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I tend to agree with everything above except:

"*We've spent over a $trillion on the Department of Homeland Security since it was created to protect us,in part, from Middle Eastern people who hate us and want to kill us,and would probably stop if we quit going to their part of the world to get the oil which helps us create 25% of he world's pollution.That could have gone for another terra-watt."

Certain arab groups and people have bad cultural values. They aren't fighting to keep us out; they are fighting to eradicate non-Muslims. Heck, they fight amongst themselves for the opportunity to kill Israelis. There is no peace when the cultural is martyrdom mixed with political instability.

I'm still for the elimination of homeland security (that's what the military is for). The military can probably shrink too. Don't remember the last time we were in jeopardy of being attacked and losing that encounter.
Sure,they've been cutting each others heads off for thousands of years.They're a communist culture.Any man if free to travel anywhere he wants to go,and water his camel,himself,and eat off the land.If he abuses his privilege,he's a dead Arab.
In 1993,when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time,our 'enemy' told us that we had defiled Mecca and Medina,the holiest of the holies, with our filthy American military alcoholic/pornographic culture.
The only reason we're interested in that part of the world is because of their petroleum.Saudi Arabia became America's defacto 51st state in 1945,when FDR told King Ibn Saud exactly that.
If you'll read the history of the region you'll understand the reason for their hatred of Israel.The United States was prospecting for oil over there before Arabia or Israel ever existed.All they had to do was read the Bible to know it was there.
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