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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
An accusation of pedophrasty shows the depth you have allowed AGW deniers to drag into the sewers, this 700+ page AGW thread. Your inability to be outraged by the treatment of Greta Thunberg in this thread is what Greta slams. Your use of the word, "If", already shows your directed intensity. People will think (truthfully) that this is an auto forum, the auto being a major contribution to AGW. Controllers of all auto forums do, what you do.
Greta Thunberg is growing into her strength, supported by adult controlled & suppressed young people. AGW deniers haven't seen nuthin' yet! Young people are casting off their adult controllers & will claim their rightful roles to direct their countries into a sustainable future, not leprous societies, where the rich observe the pollution-murder of the poor & middle classes.
The rich believe themselves, immune. But collapsing societies include everyone.
Maybe I don't understand what's happening here or maybe I'm misunderstood, but just to be clear I endorse Greta Thunberg and her message.

I think many feel nausea at Greta's message as it is clear what it stands for. The young inherit the earth, and what an inheritance we leave for them; runaway global warming, pollution from the highest mountain tops to the deepest parts of the ocean, etc. That message is not welcome. Messy, us? We like to believe we are doing well. Whether future history books agree remains to be seen.
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