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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Maybe I don't understand what's happening here or maybe I'm misunderstood, but just to be clear I endorse Greta Thunberg and her message.

I think many feel nausea at Greta's message as it is clear what it stands for. The young inherit the earth, and what an inheritance we leave for them; runaway global warming, pollution from the highest mountain tops to the deepest parts of the ocean, etc. That message is not welcome. Messy, us? We like to believe we are doing well. Whether future history books agree remains to be seen.
If she's not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize there's something horribly wrong with humankind.She's a study in economy,content,continuity,coherence,conviction,an d summation.I must admit that I resonated with her emotional delivery.I feel better about being on the planet,knowing she's out there.
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