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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Antifa is troubling to me because their name is an oxymoron, and their methods tend toward senseless violence, destruction, and disruption. Perhaps there are just bad actors within the group, but it's up to the group to police themselves to keep the bad actors from being representative of the whole. If not policing the individuals, at least clearly stating that the actions of the bad actors are condemnable. Otherwise they are just an angry and destructive mob deserving of any amount of tear gas required to send them home.

AOC has a good grasp of speech and language, which itself is an indicator of superior intellect. That said, her knowledge of science and economics appears to be lacking, among other things. I expect her to be a flash in the pan.

I've mostly stopped thinking of presidents as good or bad, and instead thinking in terms of having taken some good actions, and taken some bad actions. While I wouldn't call Clinton "good", I'd characterize some of his service as president as good. Hard for me not to think in terms of good and bad presidents though, as Regan was a very likable character.

I guess what it really comes down to with regards to good and bad presidents, is if their commitment is to the American people, or to their political constituents and power.
I'm not really up to speed on that sort of thing.In the past though,the FBI has infiltrated organizations,and during public activities,agent provocateurs have initiated behaviors unbecoming of the organization in order to to sully their public reputation and deflect attention away from their core messaging.When any large group of people assemble there's always the potential for 'incidents.' The government may just be diffusing a situation before it becomes a situation.People need to keep their cool.Stay out of emotion and into reason.
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