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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
It's a total misuse of the public education system to be promoting a particular political agenda, and especially supporting protest during classroom time. Those teachers and administrators should be fired. I'd demand a refund in the taxes paid to educate the children when instead they are wasting time. The money could come from the pensions not paid to those dismissed in disgrace.

Presenting arguments surrounding an issue and even expressing personal bias is perfectly acceptable and to be encouraged. What isn't acceptable is to push personal agenda at the expense of classroom time. We're supposed to be making our children smarter and more informed, not angry and depressed.

I remember a school walkout one time when I was a kid. No idea what it was about; I just hated being in school. It was a total waste, but at least it was sunny outside and I got to socialize and probably make fart jokes or something equally amusing and immature.
If it's all about the science,then science is politically agnostic.It's just the mathematization of a phenomena,observation,measurement,data acquisition,reduction,interpretation,conclusion,co rroboration,elimination of errors and presentation.It's up to the policymakers to do something with it.And they belong to us.
If it has anything to do with teaching critical thinking,then the long-term upshot of that is incalculable.
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