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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Did she not leapfrog all that by going to the U.N.?
No. Itís a legitimate question. Today sheíll be in Canada leading a school strike.
Next stop, Mexico. Then South America.

Ignoring the elephants (China & India) in the room does not make them go away.

These young women are speaking truth to power, truth to authority, truth to the establishment, and the way you tough guys quickly devolved it to personal attacks tells me:

You are scared of them.

The neo-con talking points are providing this narrative.

Is this what Breibart says about it?

The climate alarmists needed a new spokesperson. Someone beyond reproach.

They found one, Greta. She fit the criteria.


The perfect trifecta.

As far as being scared ?

Not scared. Angry...

Angry that a child is being exploited by adults with a agenda.

Is this what Breibart says about it?

I donít know.

You should go there and report back...