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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
They still do that in Cambodia but my driver warned that most of the "gas" for sale at the roadside stands was cut with kerosene. That said it still worked for the Super Cubs that power that nation.
Isn't it quite curious that either a Diesel or a low-compression gasser may handle kerosene, while most newer gassers would knock with it? I once have lurked about trying to cut some gas with kerosene when my father had a '10-'11 Subaru Impreza (the regular one), as it had such a low compression.

(90cc Super Cub pulling a giant trail using a "5th wheel" hitch)
I have seen some motorcycles pulling trailers in Brazil, but those trailers were much smaller. Some had a motorcycle-specific trailer hitch at the swing arm of the rear suspension, while others had a frame reinforcement made out of some thick sheetmetal with a car-type hitch.

The only real advantage a diesel has over a gas engine today is the lack of the throttle plate in the intake.
Even though it's possible to make a gasser without a throttle plate, and in newer Diesels a throttle plate might be fitted in order to increase the control over some conditions that influence the effectiveness of emissions treatment devices.

That said, adopting turbos and DI in gasoline engines brings the same emission problems as diesels. That is why gasoline engines are starting to get particulate filters.
Unless biomethane becomes as relevant as ethanol for usage as a motor fuel, and some tech similar to that Freevalve system gets turned into a new standard enabling port-injection to remain widespread (on a sidenote, it's much easier to convert a port-injection engine to CNG than it would be to do the same in one with direct injection), I wouldn't hold my breath for gassers to take over the role of a Diesel engine on certain operating conditions. The only advantage for gassers is an easier NOx control even with direct injection, taking the example of some engines with dual injection.

Euro VI (HD) basically eliminates NOx but Brazil hasn't adopted it yet.
AFAIK it's scheduled to be implemented here around 2022 or 2023.
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