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Originally Posted by redneck View Post

Need some help.

Iím having a hard time finding when Greta is scheduled to go to the #1
CO2 and pollution generating country in the world, China...

If and when Greta goes to China, Iím sure Xi will welcome her with open arms and will televise her visit to his fellow countryman as she lectures and admonishes him, the government, and the Chinese people for being the worst polluters in the world with no end in sight.

Oh, and while your at it.

I need the dates for the #2 polluting country India as well...


Please bear in mind,that under UN,IPCC framework protocols,both China and India,as defined as 'undeveloped' nations,are exempt from certain emissions restrictions,until they attain industrial parity.They are fully authorized to build and operate the coal-fired power plants.
In the meantime,they've already exceeded the Paris Agreement,left us in the dust,with respect to alternate energy,electric car adoption,etc..The United States is the backwards nation now.
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