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Just block them like I did. Like a fire they'll get more active if you give them air.
Don't fight the abusive, ignore them.
If you block people everyone else is talking to the walls.
litesong [self-referentially] wrote:
In my unadulterated enthusiasm for Greta, I did NOT add my contempt for AGW deniers. I did NOT want to harmonize with her, detracting from her clangorous criticism of us old farts.
It's good to adopt polite discourse. Extra points for 'clangorous'.

Consider [scary stuff].
In this context,or caveat, speaking very reasonably.
You left out Giant Meteor.

Jim Hansen could be the [somebody] of climate change.He has one of the highest coefficients of perspicacity I've ever experienced.Like a scout,spy plane,spy satellite,sentinel,sentry,listening post,Cheyenne Mountain,early warning system,one-man reconnaissance mission,plus interpreter,analyst;he's been watching all our backs for decades.I think it's a mistake and great folly to disrespect and turn a deaf ear to these watchers.
I'd say the same about the Ur-environmentalist, Richard Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller.

Practice Metacognition. Become aware of hijacking by modern supernormal stimuli and dopamine manipulation. Make the normal, super to reset your hedonic ratchet. Avoid confirmation bias and consensus trance. See the World through nonrenewable energy/ resource lenses.
'Splain me, Lucy.

Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are. -- anonymous poster


Back in my day there was so much toilet paper and eggs that we would throw them at the houses of our enemies