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should have

Originally Posted by redneck View Post
If AGW climate change was as dire as the UN/IPCC and believers say it is. It should have been an immediate “Cease and Desist Order”, not a authorization to continue to add to the problem.

The fact that they are not held to the same standard is very telling. It means that it’s probably B.S. to begin with.

What it is really about is money... (collecting money)

China - India - 3rd world = poor.... Western and 1st world = rich...

After all you can’t get blood from a turnip...

And control... (controlling where and who the money is distributed to )

The rest of your post is nothing other than optics and cover for them not addressing this.

In reality, the truth is that China and India would laugh at the UN/IPCC and tell them to go pound sand if they tried to make them play (pay) along. The UN/IPCC knows this, therefore they get a pass.

I gave you all the specific information needed to understand the situation.I can't understand it for you.
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