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Originally Posted by Nedlom View Post
Hi guys,

Fitted new instrument cluster to my ford (UK/EU fiesta 2006) managed to reprogram the immobiliser and match the cluster to the car using forscan, but the (digital) milage is incorrect.

Anyone know a cheap (or free) way to fix this?

The new odometer reading is about 30k lower than it should be.

I can get it reprogrammed for about 50, but not going to spend that just to sooth my OCD.

I'm thinking copying the eprom data from the old cluster and writing it to the new one might be an option, but no idea how to do that?

Supposedly the icu and other modules hold a running total of the milage anyway to prevent "clocking" so can't be too hard to get that to show on the dash surely?

Tried resetting the modules, but nothing changed.

You guys are the brains here, any such software (freeware?) that you know of?

I replaced a cluster in a 91 Dodge Dakota (US model pickup), and what I did was write the miles (or KM probably for you) of the old cluster, and the new cluster at the time of replacement in the front cover of the owner's manual. Generally in an old rig like that I wouldn't have even bothered, but the new cluster actually had substantially more miles than the old one. For you, in a newer car you're probably going to want some sort of record for the sake of resale value though, so even if it's a note in the owner's manual it would be worth doing.
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