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Stranger Ranger Mods

Just now kind of catching up with some of the projects from the last year. In another thread I showed the wheel covers on my 2001 Ranger. This thread will show some of the other modes I've done. I started with making an aerocap. Used to do a little electrical work so I know how to bend conduit somewhat. Used the template to find the basic shape.

Frame work.

It's difficult to see but I attached the conduit to 2x4's. Drilled holes into the wood with paddle bits, placed the ends of the conduit into the holes, and used tek screws to go through the conduit and into the wood.

I used coroplast over 1/2 inch conduit for the shell. I wanted to leave the third brake light visible so I lowered the top of the shell about 4 inches.

Attached the coroplast with about a hundred little 4 inch wire ties. Attached the shell to the truck using four four inch c-clamps from Harbor Freight. Rear view.

Not really sure that the shell helped much. I tried a roll down test on a short hill with and without the shell mounted but there was too much traffic to get good data. That was last year(2018) and I removed the shell in Sept. and have never put it back on yet. Mainly because I left the truck sitting for six months as it had a problem I didn't want to mess with all summer. Finally fixed it so I'll need to get back to testing and mods.

Other mods include removing all the mud flaps, using a partial coroplast radiator block, and covering the fog light holes with fiberglass.

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