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When I talk about riding the 4-wheeler fast because I enjoy having fun, my wife responds "I like having fun too; I just have a different threshold for fun". It sums up the difference between our personalities. She would rather do something well within her capabilities, even if it's a repeated task, and have people compliment her competency. I'd rather do something at the limit of my ability, and not repeat mundane things much.

I end up spending time upgrading things around the house, while she ends up doing a little more of the daily household tasks. I'm constantly striving to improve the way common tasks are executed, while she's just executing the tasks.

Going to the moon was the way to win against the USSR though. Perhaps we need to feel there is an existential opponent to compete with to get us to "do the other things".

I understand that those who view climate change as an existential threat would react similarly to when we viewed the USSR as an imminent existential threat, so I also understand the vitriol hurled at people who question the magnitude of the threat. I expect a similar reaction to "what's so bad about communism and gulags".
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