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Human nature it's a warlord. Only really effor in a goal to make sh...t.
Dispute, defeat... that's human f...cking nature.
NASA born as result of cold war. Cold War run away and NASA today it's almost a beggar.

Human try to defeat other nations, and the planet it's a living room with two kids in a fight, and as the animals they are, they forgot to avoid damage the room.

The nations that don't give a damn to ecology have less expanses in industry and international relation for economics. That's the key point. The lack of conscience and the fact they put greed and evil above the future of mankind.

Inernation deals for ecologic purposes and boycout to nation that don't follow it, would be a way, but when giants like USA refuse to sign... we have a problem.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Going to the moon was the way to win against the USSR though. Perhaps we need to feel there is an existential opponent to compete with to get us to "do the other things".

I understand that those who view climate change as an existential threat would react similarly to when we viewed the USSR as an imminent existential threat, so I also understand the vitriol hurled at people who question the magnitude of the threat. I expect a similar reaction to "what's so bad about communism and gulags".