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Originally Posted by 2016 Versa View Post
Not sure how the laws are in your area but in the US changing the odometer reading is a federal offense even if you're just correcting a replacement to match the original. The penalty for odometer tampering in the US is $10,000. per incident. I once had to replace an odometer on a pickup I had. It was still under warranty when it was replaced so everything was documented by the dealer and I also made notes of the change but the new odometer had a 000000.0 reading when it was installed. If you do find a way to make the change and the laws are similar to the US I suggest not making it public.
Odometer rollback is a federal offense. There is no regulation I know of that prohibits you from setting the mileage of the replacement cluster to that of the original one. If a new odometer is installed with 0.0 showing, a sticker must be installed in the door jamb showing the before and after mileage along with the date. This is really for mechanical odometers which disappeared some 20 years ago. With most modern cars, the odometer memory is stored in the BCM so a new or used cluster automatically reads the original mileage, but not on Fords until a bit later.
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